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Mat 19:13 Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them.

Mat 19:14 But Jesus said, Allow little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

The Pilgrim's Progress, Part 1-8

Liberty's Kids Cartoon Series Online

Children's Media

Liberty's Kids

For Pre-School-Kindergarten Children

Bugtime Adventures

Once you get to the Car Angel website, right click the title of the movie you want and click save link or save to target and specify on your pc where you want to download this video. You can also find more Donkey Ollie videos on You Tube.

Donkey Ollie: The Road To Jerusalem Donkey Ollie: The Road To Damascus

Donkey Ollie  is a little white donkey who illustrates life in the Bible days of Jesus and Paul. These animated adventures are distributed free and kids love them. They reinforce Biblical commandments and behavior. My daughter has loved Donkey Ollie for years and your kids will too.

Donkey Ollie-The Exodus To Egypt

The WatchMaker (Animated Cartoon about God and Creation)

God's Family (animated cartoon)

Bible Stories 4 Kids

Boz the Bear

The World of Peter Rabbit

Kid Explorers

Adventures in the Rain Forest. Games, lessons, videos of animals and stuff, mazes, stories, coloring, and Christian answers to kids' questions about science.

Veggie Tales

Charlie Churchmouse Games

Charlie Church mouse is someone your kids ages 2-8 will love to get to know. These educational games come in three downloads, preschool, kindergarten and elementary level. Downloads are free, but the software is a demo version only with limited access to features. The website itself also has free coloring activities and videos the kids can watch as well as other activities. Great site.

Charlie Churchmouse Super pak 3 DVD Rom set

A Kid's Heart

This site is great both for kids, and their parents or Sunday School Teachers. There are Bible learning activities, printables, coloring pages and crafts. Some are Bible related, but those that are not are still fun and wholesome. 

The Sunshine Room

Part of A Kid's Heart Website: A great safe place for little kids to play! This site has learning games for pre-schoolers.

Club Penguin

A fun little multiplayer game for little ones and tweens alike. It features cute animated penguins and all the fun that you could possibly have playing with them! Bea loves this one! Very safe, too, with lots of parental controls. There is a free area and a paid member area.

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For Kids 10 and up

Animated adventures of 1st century Christian persecution with stories of faith and God's provision to build children's faith and character and help them learn about New Testament Christians in the 1st Century and what they faced. 

The Story Keepers on Youtube

Liberty's Kids is a wonderful cartoon series that is set in the days of the Revolutionary war and illustrates what the people and times were like as America was born. Wonderful historic cartoon series. 

Liberty's Kids

Free Multiplication Game, Timez. Kids will love this.

Kids 4 Truth

This site is for older kids and teens. The cartoons are pictures, not videos. There also other things on this website that will help older kids 12 and up learn about God's desires for their lives. This site also has the Jesus Film Project, available for viewing, free. There are some games available for kids to play that will appeal to younger kids, too. 


This site teaches children about early American History what it was like to live in Colonial Williamsburg. Older Children will like this site, too. There are games, animation, and lots of fun learning about what life was like for children in colonial America.

DJ TV Club


My daughter likes this site. There are animated Bible Stories, games and crafts. Kids 5 and up will like this site. It's Bible centered teaching through animated Bible stories, games and other activities. 

Television Show that reinforces God's Word.
Also has animated cartoons in the show.

Illumina Gold Premium Bible Software

Contains Digital Animations of Bible Stories.
$19.99 on Ebay

Christ Centered Mall

Kids and Missionaries

From New Tribes Missions, Read missionary stories and play the games that go with them. You'll discover it's fun -- and easy -- to be part of God's plan to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Wycliffe Kids

From Wycliffe Bible Translators a site for kids! This site has a ton of really cool activities. Besides games, puzzles, stories, and quizzes, you can go on adventures and find out about the Bible through the ages,John Wycliffe, and how missionaries translate the Bible today! Also find out what you can do to help missionaries now!

Kids Answers in Genesis

Kids Answers has a lot of videos, animal information and activities. Very high quality.

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