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And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of thy children. (Isaiah 54:13)

Some of my favorite pictures of people who are all precious to me.

Welcome, to the newest member of my family, baby Joyce, my beautiful niece!

 photo Me-tgSu-29l-print.jpg

My Grandchildren!!!

 photo Mmrcss-Mychico-tgSu-1Lr-print.jpg  photo WinterLove-tgSu-235-print.jpg  photo PSILoveYou-tgSu-25P-print.jpg  photo
                           AfterTheCelebrations-tgSu-23K-print.jpg  photo HotLove-tgSu-25p-print.jpg  photo 2012-tgSu-25I-print.jpg  photo MM_ILoveMe-tgSu-28b-print.jpg  photo Blingblingbling-tgSu-1L7-print.jpg

imikimi -Scrapbooked Pictures Created with My Photos and

Precious to My Heart

 photo WorldsGreatestPa-Pawthanksforusingmykimis-tgSu-1xS-print.jpg  photo KidsFrame-tgSu-1OK-print.jpg  photo Maplesgrandchildren.jpg  photo jenniferi0.jpg  photo Jb6-HEAVENLY-tgSu-18z-print.jpg  photo TwoColour-tgSu-1Um-print.jpg  photo
                           Jb6-CLASSICBEAUTY-tgSu-1SZ-print.jpg  photo
                           Jb6-SOFTBEAUTY-tgSu-1Td-print-001.jpg  photo 1401484315566.jpg  photo 1402264575072.jpg  photo danielschool.jpg  photo MadisonnBrayden.jpg  photo daddysgirl2.jpg  photo Melissa3.jpg  photo
                           2033_10200254868712820_1479234275_a.jpg  photo angela.jpg  photo
                           Jb6-STUNNINGINTEAL-tgSu-1SG-print.jpg  photo WaitingForYou-tgSu-22S-print.jpg  photo SultryInPink-tgSu-25o-print.jpg  photo nh529-RedRoses-tgSu-1Ug-print.jpg  photo
                           LostInASeaOfLove-tgSu-1Ya-print.jpg  photo Jb6-BEAUTIFUL-tgSu-1St-print.jpg  photo IMG_20131223_203700.jpg  photo IMG_20131223_205210.jpg  photo merrychristmas-tgSu-29g-print.jpg 
                           photo CHRISTMASDISNEYMICKEYMOUSE-tgSu-296-print.jpg  photo TheRealMe-tgSu-25D-print.jpg  photo
                           photo 735027_10200254680628118_1360448439_a.jpg  photo mary2.jpg  photo
                           Lovepreciousmoments-tgSu-1K1-print.jpg  photo ItsMyMan-tgSu-1Lc-print.jpg  photo 1291206358686.jpg  photo Wild-tgSu-24N-print.jpg 
                           photo beautifulMemories-Nicky47-tgSu-1LL-print.jpg  photo
                           GlowLove-Nicky47-tgSu-27Z-print.jpg  photo Wasserfall-tgSu-25Z-print.jpg  photo downs2.jpg  photo clendennen3.jpg  photo MyFamily-tgSu-26g-print.jpg  photo
                           -MerryChristmas--tgSu-29s-print.jpg  photo CloseToMyHeart-tgSu-27U-print.jpg

Watch And Pray

 photo pray2.jpg

My Mom & Dad with my daughter, Shalee


Greatly Missed and Loved, Pastor Clendennen

 photo INMEMORYOF-tgSu-1tx-print.jpg

My Husband and Best Friend, Tim

                           photo Margarita-CantForgetYou-tgSu-26e-print.jpg

My Kids

 photo PearlsforMom-tgSu-26V-print.jpg  photo davidbaby.jpg  photo scrap-tgSu-1bn-print.jpg  photo Sweetness-tgSu-1ON-print.jpg  photo MyDavly.jpg  photo Friendsforever-tgSu-1uD-print.jpg  photo babyshalee4.jpg  photo babyshalee_2.jpg  photo FaceGIRL-tgSu-23I-normal.gif  photo Mykids.jpg 
                           photo prplkises71ALWAYSKEEPYOU-tgSu-20Y-print.jpg

My Lovely Stepdaughter, Crystal, and Son in Law, EJ

                           photo Star-briteprettystarlites-tgSu-1MT-print.jpg

My beautiful daughter in law, Ashley


My gorgeous Stepson, Brandon, and granddaughter, McKenzie

 photo ClassicCream-tgSu-1LE-print.jpg

My Sister n law, Thena, my sis and my friend

 photo 1744356527157.jpg

My Brother, Bobby

 photo ChristmasHeart-tgSu-1Iv-print.jpg

My Brother, Jesse, his wife, Nerissa, and my nieces, Juliana and baby Joyce


My Sister, Sandra

 photo 1289631479315.jpg

Some special memories of two baby girls who grew up with Shalee, and whom we dearly love and miss: Megan & Alyssa

 photo Babygirls.jpg  photo megannalyssa.jpg  photo mygirls.gif  photo
                           alvinandyourfreinds-tgSu-1el-print.jpg  photo MemoriesPink-tgSu-24Y-print.jpg  photo princess-tgSu-1OJ-print.jpg  photo ABSTRACTSWIRLS-tgSu-1Xb-print.jpg  photo luz-tgSu-1aR-print.jpg 
                           photo prplkises71BLCKNWHITELOVEU-tgSu-1uy-print.jpg

More Happily Married Comments

The Love of My Life, a precious gift from God, My husband, Tim

                           photo Margarita-CantForgetYou-tgSu-26e-print.jpg  photo gorgeoustim.jpg  photo
                           TheLeavesAreFalling-tgSu-1FR-print.jpg  photo SUMMER-tgSu-1wm-print.jpg  photo MyAlbum-tgSu-1Vv-print.jpg  photo
                           MyDaddyIsMyHero-tgSu-1wX-print-1.jpg  photo lovingdaddy-tgSu-1wL-print.jpg  photo HappyHolidays-tgSu-28O-print.jpg  photo ChristmasBeauty-tgSu-291-print.jpg  photo ChristmasWishes-tgSu-135-print.jpg  photo Sweetness-tgSu-1ON-print.jpg  photo
                           RF-HereComesAutumn-tgSu-1ZN-print.jpg  photo Reflections-tgSu-1LM-print.jpg

One of my favorite people, and a profound influence on my spiritual life, Pastor BH Clendennen, whom I was blessed to meet twice, in May of 2008 and again in May 2009 in London, KY

 photo clendennen2.jpg

Two of my dearest friends and greatest blessings

 photo sistheresa.jpg  photo nellbeach.jpg

My Son, David

 photo myson.jpg  photo kids.jpg  photo notforgetyou.jpg  photo Specialframe-tgSu-1qx-print.jpg

Beloved Soldiers

My brother, Jesse, US Navy

 photo 1175009733843.jpg

My Sister, Thena, US Army

 photo Thenamilitarypix.jpg

My Brother, Bobby, US Army, Retired

 photo BobbyAirborne.jpg

I want to honor my brothers, both of whom have devoted their entire adult lives to serving this nation in the military. I also want to honor my sister, Thena, who has served most of her adult life in the US Army. Bobby has seen combat both from Desert Storm, and again this time around, in three times in Iraq, and twice in Afghanistan. He has recently retired from over 20 years in the US Army. Hallelujah! I want to say a big thank you to my brothers, for their sacrifice, to my sister, for her sacrifice and willingness to defend this nation, and all of our military personnel, who deserve our prayers, and love and loyalty.
2014 UPDATE: Jesse is retired from the Navy and home with his wife and children now, and so is Bobby and Thena, both retired, both safe and sound and home with their families. Through many deployments, God has kept them safe and I am so grateful.

My lovely niece, Tari

 photo itsme-tgSu-26z-print.jpg

My handsome nephew, Charles

 photo YouandMeXMas-tgSu-1IA-print.jpg

My beautiful niece, Elizabeth

 photo Elizabeth0.jpg

My lovely niece, Haley

 photo BeautifulShadow-tgSu-24H-print.jpg

Me and my daughter
Sunday School Nursery

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thine house.
Acts 16:31

I am so grateful to the Lord for the family he has blessed me with. Next to Jesus, my husband is the love of my life, and my kids are a blessing. God is good. I thank God that I will not be the only Christian in my home for much longer. If there was ever a time we need to be concerned about our lost loved ones, it is now.

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