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Psalms 111:9

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"Do nothing unworthy of Him who represents you in heaven, and whom you represent on earth. He is faithful to you; be you so to Him...Be His witnesses; be His mirrors; be His living epistles. Let Him speak through you to the world. Let your life tell your fellow-men what He is, and what He is to you. Speak well of Him to men, as He speaks well of you to God. He has honoured you by giving you His name; He has blessed you by conferring on you sonship, and royalty, and an eternal heritage: see that you do justice to His love, and magnify His greatness." HORATIO BONAR


It's About HIM

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Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.


Lost Seed

Psa 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.

For this purpose the Son of God was manifested;
that he might destroy the works of the devil. 1 John 3:8

Hello, Beloved of the Lord. My name is Kathleen  Maples. I am so thankful you stopped by It's About Him. It seems like lots of average people have a web site to share their ideas and express their personalities and preferences, so I thought I would get one to share mine, too. Please note the writings published here are a result of my personal study time in God's Word with His Holy Spirit helping me understand, and a Hebrew and Greek Dictionary, unless otherwise noted. Without God's Holy Spirit to teach me, I could never understand what He had written in His Word. I thank Him for His truth. You are free to reprint and redistribute the original writings on this site. You do not have to link back to this site. However, these writings are copyrighted, with all rights reserved. You should always consider carefully when reading people's writings, no matter who it is: if the Holy Spirit of truth does not bear witness with your Spirit, and if they cannot give you Scripture to back up what they are saying, IN CONTEXT, then you should not waste your time reading their writings. This web site is not advertised, or promoted. I include the site address in my signature of my emails, but other than that, this site is not promoted. I trust the Lord will send here whom He will. There is no counter on the site to show how much traffic there is to this site. That is not the point. If this site does not glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, and edify his Beloved people, then it doesn't need to be here and neither do you.  If I write something that is wrong, I trust the Spirit of Truth to show me, and I will repent, apologize and remove it. He is to be reverenced, and adored...  I do not just write about anything, but as I study the Word of God, and He shows me how it applies to my life, and it helps me to understand better who He is, and how letting His word have free course in me is necessary.  I am not out to help self, because self gets in his way. It has to be crucified, it can't be helped. I love HIM. I want no part of anything that would embarrass or bring a reproach on His precious name. I believe you should know my motives for this site, if you are willing to invest your time here. I want to be open about my reasons for this site and how I get the material I write about. I pray you will be blessed and encouraged in the Lord, and more than anything, provoked to follow on to know Him more.

Most Admired

When I consider this question, the only one who comes to mind is the Lord Jesus Christ. I know I need His power, His divine intervention and control of this life He gifted me with to be able to overcome and be what He intends and pleases me to be. But the very thought of being before Him, in all His glory, to look into His beautiful, compassionate eyes, that know so well how flawed I am apart from Him, and still  He shows me such mercy, just to be able to look in His eyes, would take me to my face before Him. The song "I Can Only Imagine" has always stirred my heart, but I know when I see Him, I will be much too awed by Him to speak or do anything but fall before Him. I am not worthy to look upon such Holiness, except He grant divine privilege and favor to do so. 
I would also like to meet everyone who doesn't know Him, who needs to know Him, and tell them how absolutely magnificent He is and how wonderful it is to have Him in your life. To urge any and all who have not to taste and see the Lord HE is GOOD. 
However, I would like to say a special thank you to Pastor BH Clendennen, whose life and relationship with the Lord is one others can draw from and learn from. The Lord used him to start the School of Christ in Russia 16 years ago, and the wisdom God has given this man regarding the Scriptures and spiritual things is amazing and we are wise to learn from one who has walked with the Lord closely for the past 57 years. I would also like to thank the Rev. David Wilkerson, his lovely wife, Gwen Wilkerson, Rev. Carter Conlon, Teresa Conlon, Neil and Noline Rhodes, and William Carroll, and his wife, and all the ministers, and the Pastoral Staff and congregation  and choir at Times Square Church, New York City and for making their preaching free on their website-almost unheard of in this day. Although I have never met them, or been privileged to visit New York, their ministry has made a huge impact on my spiritual life. I remain humbly grateful to the Lord for guiding me to the truth, through the truth and putting it in the inward parts of this vessel.  I am grateful to the Lord for putting me in the Body of Christ which is worldwide; to be a part of such a precious family and especially those in my home church, I may not say it often, but I love each and every one of you and value you highly. I cannot single out just one person because to do so does a disservice to the others, all of which are necessary to the Body of Jesus Christ.

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All rights reserved.

You are free to make and distribute copies of original material posted on this website.

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