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There is something I wanted to share with those who would visit this site and spend their precious time reading things written here. What I write down are things the Lord shows me in His Word, and I am often dismayed because as I see more of His heart, as I learn more of what He is like, I see how unlike Him I truly am and that brings grief to my spirit and my mind. I know only He can make me like Himself. I long to be more like Him. It is only as we see Him and know Him for ourselves that the desire to let go of the world lends strength to choice to do just that. He becomes ever more desirable than the things of this life as we learn Him. The Scripture exhorts us that as we behold Him we are changed from our image into His. Hallelujah for the comfort, encouragement and desire to continue in His Word-all given by the Holy Spirit of God . I see things, as I seek understanding, that I could never know apart from the ministry of the Holy Spirit in my life, as I present myself to Him with a hungry heart and willing mind, searching for an ever increasing understanding of who this Beloved and Precious Savior is. The fact that much of what I write about is not yet personal experience, still needs to be shared to edify His Body. I feel like it would burn me up inside and I would burst if I did not let it out, somehow. I know He will make His life in me an experience that is unforgettable as I walk with Him and hear what He has to say and show me. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit. He is a priceless gift from God. It is the desire of my heart to know Him as much as a human being can know this great God and to be completely His for His glory and to learn everything He would teach me.

Deu 4:2 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish aught from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.

Rev 22:18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

Rev 22:19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

Hello Beloved,

For those of you who would take your precious time to come to this website and read some of what is written here-in whole or in part, I just wanted to set aside space so you can know what I believe-or as some say, my statement of faith. I do not promote denominations, or debate doctrines or preferences. If you read His Word, with desire to know Him, He will teach you, given opportunity. I simply love the Lord, and His unimaginably precious Word. I was saved 6 years ago come this February 25. I do not believe in lifting up man or flesh, because only the Lord can transform and change and help people. When I do find a CHRIST-centered ministry, and recommend it, then it will be for one reason: the preaching is truly anointed, (a much abused and misused word in religious circles) and if it's really anointed, it's going to convict, humble, and draw people to want more of Jesus Christ and it will expose their own shortcomings, or any hidden sin. It will confront any thing in you that is not like Christ and expose it as unclean. It will be a ministry that offers free resources and not trying to make a buck off the Name and Word of the Lord. It's not going to draw those to the man behind the pulpit-but to the High and Lofty One who inhabits eternity. To me, that is what anointing means. It destroys sin, and bondage, and liberates one to truly live the life of Jesus Christ-and that is the life of having a servant's heart, and the Master's Agenda.

The Reason for This Website:

I cannot say that God told me to start "It's About HIM". If I said that, it would be a lie. This site was started out of a love for the Lord and His Word, and a desire to share what I learn. I have shared with some close to me the notes that I made of my personal Bible Study and they expressed a hunger for more, and seemed to be blessed by what they read in my notes. In sharing, my only desire for those who hear me is that what they hear from me will provoke a hunger in them to draw closer to HIM. For HE ONLY has the Word of Life. I do not want attention, I do not expect a pat on the back, or publicity. I am constantly wary of myself, and my prayer is Lord, please help me not to misrepresent you, and not to get it wrong. I prefer to stay in the background unnoticed except by the One I love and serve. TO HIM be the glory, the spotlight, the credit, and all thanks and gratitude. IT is about HIM-I am just a servant who never wants to be released from her Master. He is everything. Without HIM I am nothing.


I believe the Holy Bible was inspired as the Holy Ghost moved on HOLY men who were fully submitted and devoted to God and His plan. I believe He is a Mighty God who has carefully guarded the integrity of His Word as it has been translated down through out the passing of time into different languages. I believe in the integrity and purity of His Word. I believe that one must be born again, of the Spirit of God, and get in this precious Word and get to know Him for themselves. I believe in a practical walk of holiness, separation from the world. I believe it is the job of the HOLY GHOST to teach the children of God about how they should dress, behave, talk, and live; about their lifestyle habits, conversation, behavior. I believe older children of God who have been taught thus should set the example for the younger ones. If newborn babes in Christ walk in the Sanctuary and see the older Christians chatting, taking the things of God lightly, and not displaying reverence, or fear of the Lord, then how does that affect and shape who they will become? If sinners walk in the church and see no reverence or fear of God among His own, how will they be affected in their sins? They surely won't be convicted or in fear for their soul because if they see US, HIS BODY, not displaying reverence and fear of the Lord, not instilling discipline and self-control in our children, to behave in His House, why should they? How can they?

I believe in the availability and necessity of communion with the Holy Ghost, who is the One who teaches us who Jesus is-and that revelation is one the church is in great need of. I believe that Jesus is coming back in what some call the "rapture" for His Bride- a set apart, blood washed, blood bought people who have forsaken the ways and wisdom of the world and devoted themselves to HIM for HIM and by HIM. I believe in the 7 year tribulation, that all those left behind after the rapture will face. I do not believe in making merchandise out of the name of the Lord, or His people. I believe we need His help daily to walk a holy walk and we must not continue in sin. I do not believe in the false "prosperity" gospel or that you have to sin every day. I do not believe once saved always saved. I believe if you walk in disobedience to the Word and don't take time to read it for yourself, if you continue in sin, and defile what God has cleansed, His Spirit will depart from a rebellious temple, just as He did from king Saul in 1 Samuel. I don't believe in playing church or misrepresenting what you believe or how you live. The Word of God is the FINAL Authority for every Believer who is born again who determines to go to heaven. God never promised us an easy, comfortable ride. But He did promise us everything we needed to live holy, and partake of HIM and He promised He'd never leave us or forsake us. I believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and the gifts of the Spirit. Sad to say, I have not seen very many of either one happen in the church. But my eyes are ever toward HIM, for only He can be my Source. I believe if you are not getting what you need at church to grow spiritually then you need to get alone daily with the Lord and learn what the problem is. If it's with you, let God help you. If it's with carnality in the church, pray for Divine Intervention. God promised constant guidance and instruction to His Children. (Psalms 32:8) He is no respecter of persons. He doesn't wink at sin or unbelief, or irreverence in His Sanctuary to those who know better or should. I believe in standards laid out in the Bible for those who preach His Word.

In closing, let me just say thank you, if you have taken time out to read this. I am not a preacher or teacher, except by the life I live and example I set forth before others. Actions speak louder than words. I do love the Word of God, and desire to know Him more. That is why I read His Word- to know Him, and to know truth, because I do not want to be deceived. I KNOW in these last days without HIS Word in us to hold us up, we will be in a dangerous position. It's not what we see or hear that matters as much as what HE SAYS that counts and will stand. We need Divine HELP to stop living by sight and sound and start walking by faith. If HE is in us, then we need to dig into His Word and find out what He said His house, or his temple is to be: a house of prayer, holy, separate, and clean, set apart for Him and His service, first to HIM and then to those around us. We are called to serve others, not self. But our first priority must be to HIM. For you, who take time to come here, when time is seeming in short supply with todays' busy lifestyles, my prayer and hope is that you will be edified, and provoked to follow on to seek HIM and know HIM. For in HIM we move and have our being. It's not about us, folks. It's all about HIM.

Awed to be In Christ,

and so privileged to be,

Kathleen Maples

Oct. 2, 2006

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Holy And Reverend Is His Name (Psalms 111:9)

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