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These are my favorite websites,  where I find a lot of wonderful resources, many of which are free. They have all in some way or another encouraged and fed my growth in the Lord as He give the increase.  I  pray you will take time to visit some of them, for I know it will be time well spent. 

Some recently detected broken links have been fixed. Thanks for the emails letting us know!

Limerick New Testament Church, Ireland

Located in Limerick, Ireland, this church is pastored by Garrett O'Reagan. There are also hold the School of Christ International classes. Free sermon downloads are available from the pastor, and other speakers, including Keith Malcomson and Lee Shipp. 

Pentecostal Pioneers- A Site on the Need for Revival

Keith & Candace Malcomson

Keith & Candace Malcomson are the School of Christ International European directors, working in Ireland. This site has many interesting links, articles and some mp3 sermons from BH Clendennen and Keith Malcomson, 


CHURCH WEBSITE HAS BEEN RESTORED, AND IS BETTER THAN EVER!  Click the picture above to go to the website. You can still watch their video sermons at my YouTube channel here. I have uploaded many of the videos from their old website. This HIGHLY RECOMMENDED church is in Baton Rouge, LA. It's a non-denominational, full gospel Pentecostal church pastored by Lee Shipp. The messages I have been listening to are timely, convicting, and very true. It's going to take more than man's programs and religious speak to rescue this lost and dying world from destruction. It will require a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit of God who alone can make Christ alive in us and through us. I highly recommend you watch the videos, and listen to the mp3's on this site. 


The Springs Church is in Colorado Springs, CO and is pastored by Gary Wilkerson. You will find wonderful, free messages here, as well. They have both audio (mp3) and video (flv) messages posted for free download and viewing. 

Living Waters Church, Chino, CA
Pastor Duke Downs

There are some wonderful and free mp3 downloads from sermons preached by Pastor Duke Downs and there is one by BH Clendennen, as well. The preaching at this church is wonderfully anointed. 

Pastor David Wilkerson's Website

David Wilkerson's website has audio sermon mp3 downloads which are free, of various ministers' conferences both he and his son, Gary Wilkerson, have preached around the world. World Challenge features free mp3 downloads, and free streaming video of messages preached at Times Square Church in New York City. You may also find the David Wilkerson Pulpit Series Newsletter on this site, with an archive of both the newsletter and audio sermons, going back to 2001. All are free. You may also sign up for the free monthly mailing of the Pulpit Series Newsletter. I would also add this: I myself have been on Brother Wilkerson's mailing list since July of 2001. He does not ask for money, he does not solicit funds from folks. His newsletters are text versions of most of the sermons he preaches and are timely and very, very much needed in the Body of Christ. I trust they will be a blessing to you as you make time to visit this beloved brother's sites.

World Challenge provides free mp3 sermon downloads, mp4, wmv video downloads for use with iTunes, Quick Time or Windows Media. You may also find text Pulpit Series Newsletters, archived for several years back. There is no registration or gimmicks. You do not have to provide an email address to download.


Times Square Church was founded in 1987 through David Wilkerson by God. The Senior Pastor is Carter Conlon. Messages are also available by Neil Rhodes, Noline Rhodes, Teresa Conlon, William Carroll and Ben Crandall, to name a few. They make all their preaching available for free download to burn to cd. It is wonderful and solid gold WORD OF GOD.

Pastor Loran Livingston
Central Church of God, Charlotte, NC

Central Church of God

Index of messages preached, .mp3 format, archived back to 2003.

Located in Charlotte, NC, Loran Livingston is the Pastor of the Central Church of God. I know you will be blessed by the many free mp3 sermon downloads made available by the hard work of David Harrison, who maintains the audio site. No registration is required, and the sermons are free. Archives go back to 2003. Podcasts also available.


I love this website. They publish and mail out free a newspaper full of very timely and convicting articles, some written by saints of God who have long been dead, and some still around. They publish writings of some of the Puritan writers, and others. I have never been disappointed with their material. You may sign up your address at their site and receive their mailing free once a month. It is good sheep food.


Authentic Christianity: a friend's website that is to edify and mature the spiritual growth and life of Christ in a believer.

Bibles Unbound-Get the Word of God into the hands of the Persecuted Church, and be a missionary from your own home.


Grace Gems is wonderful. It has electronic books, devotionals, and letters written by saints of God who lived in the past few hundred years and have gone on. You can subscribe and get daily doses of their devotionals in your email. This isn't your mushy every day "feel good' devotions. It's convicting and thought provoking.  Their knowledge and intimacy with the Lord is amazing and apparent as you read. You may freely reprint and use the material provided, which is in the public domain. The site does not accept monetary donations.  I humbly request you would check out Ruth Bryan's writings first. Her adoration and hunger for our Savior will most certainly provoke and challenge your heart, as it has mine, to know him better and draw nigh to him.

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Pastor Terry Fischer
West Allis, Wisconsin

There are many free mp3 downloads to this Bible Believing church, with such guest speakers as BH Clendennen Darrell Turner and Lee Shipp. Highly recommend you check it out.

The Church in Wisconsin

Brooklyn Tabernacle

This church is pastored by Jim & Carol Cymbala, and has many free sermon and video downloads. Pastor Cymbala is friends with Carter Conlon of Times Square Church and Tim Delina of Revival Tabernacle. 

Awake & Go Global Prayer Network

A site run by David Smithers. A wealth of written articles and testimonies all along the lines of genuine revival and missionary activity.

London, KY
Pastor Vernon Jarvis

There are many free mp3 downloads on this website. It is located in London, KY, and the Pastor is Vernon Jarvis, another close friend of Pastor Clendennen.


Located in Wetumpka, AL, the Pastor is Charles Chamblee. There are many free downloads on here, and 4 sets of camp meetings, 3 of which include Pastor Clendennen preaching. Pastor Chamblee is a close friend of Pastor Clendennen. 

Radiant Ministry, Teresa Conlon
Women's Ministry, Times Square Church, NYC

A Ministry of New Covenant Fellowship Church
Goldsboro, NC

Pastor Danny and Beth Kirby, in Goldsboro, NC, have free mp3 downloads on this site. They run the School of Pentecost.

Pastor BH Clendennen
Reaching the World for Christ

Pastor BH Clendennen


Born in Russia, under the leadership of Pastor B.H. Clendennen who was under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. There are some auido sermons available for free download under streaming audio link. I recommend also going to the Site Map under the Home tab and reading some of the articles which can be freely reprinted. You may also find Pastor Clendennen's messages on Sermon Index. They have 25 there and I recommend every one.

Leonard Ravenhill

You will find here a treasure trove of mp3 sermons preached by Leonard Ravenhill, as well as articles and text of some of his messages. I know this site will challenge and convict your heart if you invest the time to hear what this great man of God learned from seeking the Lord.


Sermon Index has a lot of audio sermons, free for download, to burn to cd, and text messages from lots of men of God, some of whom are gone to heaven. Messages from Times Square Church  and Bethel Pulpit Ministries can also be found on this site.



This site has very reasonable prices on Bibles, kid's Christian cartoons, and products Sunday School Teachers might find very useful at very reasonable prices. They are much cheaper, even with shipping charges, than most Christian Bookstores I have been inside.

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