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2Ti 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Lost Seed

First, to give all credit, honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit and my Heavenly Father, without Whom, I could never understand any of this. I truly love to explore and dig into the Word of God, and I delight in what He teaches me. They are the Necessity. All the Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries, Bible Software tools, all of these things cannot accurately teach you what the Word of God means, nor how to apply it to your life. It cannot reveal Christ to you. Only the Holy Spirit can do these things. Without Him, all the information and knowledge  you would gain from studying the Bible is ineffective head knowledge. Only He can breathe on it and make it alive, make it real and understandable.

Listed below are some of the tools I use in my study, but it is the Lord who shows me how what I read applies to my life, personally. Most of these downloads are for free.  If they are listed here, I have either tried them myself, use them myself and found them to be wonderful helps in my efforts to study the Word of God. The exception is the apps for the iPhone/iPad. These I have not tried, but use their Android alternative if available. I listed them so others who do have these devices maybe will try them and be blessed by His Word.
 If you know of some good resources, and would like to let me know about that, please email me.  

Years ago, 
 I was blessed by the generosity of my brother, Jesse, who gave me a pocket pc to which I promptly installed Olive Tree Bible Software, and Pocket E-Sword,  for on the go Bible Study. Then lo and behold my other brother, Bobby, got me an Android smart phone for Christmas in 2011 to which I installed MySword.  I am truly blessed and as I consider the treasure trove of information and tools God has placed at my disposal it is a sobering thing to my heart. For whom much is given, much is required, according to the Scriptures.
I've listed the links below to some wonderful products. With the exception of the Illumina Bible Software, and the Logos Libronix Digital Library Software (you have to buy the NKJV Study Bible and the Essential Bible Study Library) the other resources are free.

Email Me

Some broken links have been fixed. 

Hebrew History

Roman Emperors- Historical Information on Ancient Rome

Free Online Bible Study Tools

The Holman Christian Standard Study Bible
Free Online Study Bible Access

This is a wonderful, and free resource. Move your mouse over the text of the Scripture, and you get a pop up window with the definition of the word from the Hebrew and Greek, and reference information.

The New Living Translation Study Bible Online

If you have purchased a NLT Study Bible, you have free access to this website. If not, they offer a 180 day free trial so you can see if you would like to purchase continued access. The maps and study notes are very good. 


Earlier (and Better) Legacy ESV online BBL Site

Free access, with the purchase of the ESV Study Bible, or free access for the ESV translation. For $19.99 paid access for the Study Bible Reference Notes & Resources Online. Great Resource. 

Free Bible Pro Online App

Blue Letter Bible Online Study

Free Online Parallel and Interlinear Bible
Rich Bible Study Site with Free Online Resources

The NET Bible Online
Lots of wonderful free online tools, also free download.

Bible Study Tools Online

E Sword Live Online Study Access

Free Online Study Bible Resources From Libronix Digital Library System

Free access to multiple Translations and Resources to study from. Great Site. Their Logos Bible Software is also wonderful but not free. 

Online Bible Study Site (Great for Word Study in Hebrew & Greek)


This web site doesn't offer free Bible software, but it does have a wealth of information-more than I can mention in this small space, like pictures of Bible Lands, and free downloads of clickable maps of Israel, during Bible times, and the surrounding area, that provide historical information on the land of the Bible. If you like History, or if you just have a desire to learn more about the places and people of the Bible, the customs, and practices, you will love this site. I know you will be blessed as you explore all the site has to offer. I highly recommend you take time to visit this great and informative site.

This site offers pictures and information of Bible lands, especially Israel, along with little facts about the pictures featured. Very interesting for those who want to know more about the land and customs of the people in the Bible.

Enter a
Strong's Number
e.g. 2424 Greek


Moments With The Book

Nice web site, email gospel tracts, web master tools for your site that are free, (most of which are on this site's home page), free mp3 downloads. Also has an online Electronic Bible with search feature.

Free Desktop Bible Software

Tyndale House List of Bible Study Resources Free & Paid

Free E-Sword (Windows) and MySword (Android)Bible Software Addons

e-Sword Home

I could not say enough about this awesome Bible Software. It is better than anything on sale in stores for hundreds of dollars. E-sword is feature rich, user friendly, and has everything available you need. You can download add-ons that all go together, from Step Reader Library Collections from the Puritans, to Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, and Bible Versions, most of which are free. Maps and graphics are available as well.

Now called Bible Support
Find additional free resources for E-Sword here.


Cross Alive Bible Software

In the Beginning Was the Word
Free Bible Reference And Study Software

Online Bible

This website has a very large electronic library available, and most of the downloads are free.To see a list of the books available, you can go here:
There are many other features included, it's easy to use and a wonderful resource. However, you must manually install each book. It's worth the time to install this resource. There are various Bible translations and dictionaries and commentaries also available, but since I have most of them on E Sword, and try not to double up, I like this resource for it's large electronic library. Some of my favorite writers included, Charles Finney, DL Moody, etc...Wonderful resource.

Bible Explorer

This is wonderful, easy to use Bible Software, with a lot of free books to add in. To see a list of the free books, You must register with the website to unlock and download the free books, but it downloads and installs them all for you, quickly. You do not have to do it manually. I use E-Sword more than any but this runs a close second, and it also contains books E Sword does not.

Free Interlinear Bible Software

Free Greek/English Interlinear KJV Bible Software Download

I've been wanting a Greek/English Interlinear Bible but they are so expensive. This download is free and I was so tickled when I found it-which was totally by accident. Or was it? The Lord provides in wondrous ways! This is a great resource for those who just love digging for treasure in the Word of God.

The Sword Project

This software includes an install manager, when accessed gives you a list of available material, along with many foreign language Bibles, to install and downloads and installs them for you. Included are Bible Versions, Commentaries, devotionals, and Dictionaries. Easy to use.

Reasonably Priced Bible Software

The NKJV Study Bible, with Libronix BBL Software DVD-ROM

For Kids: Charlie Churchmouse Super Pack ($14.99)

My daughter loves Charlie Churchmouse. There are 3 discs in this set, one for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school levels. Each game disk helps them learn development and educational skills using Bible Stories so they learn the Word of God.

Charlie Churchmouse Free Downloads (Demo versions only)

NKJV STUDY BIBLE with Libronix Digital Library Bible Software CD-ROM

Illumina Gold Premium comes with the NLT and the KJV. You can paralell or read just one translation. This DVD-ROM comes with more study helps and reference material than I can mention here. This Bible Software also contains virtual tours of the Bible lands, as well as stunning digital animation of many events and stories in the Bible. Kids and teenagers especially will love this. Parents have access to a huge library of reference material, as well as the Life Application Study Bible notes. It is truly worth they money you pay for this software. It is out of print, and unavailable most places, but right now (as of March 2014) is available at And you can get this to work on Windows 7 and 8 if you update Quick Player to most current version. 

Buy Illumina Gold from Amazon

Illumina Bible Software Interactive @ Amazon


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Free Mobile Bible Software

For the most part I only listed Windows Mobile and Android Apps because that is what I am familiar with. I am sure the iPhone apps are just as good, but because I do not have the device to review them on I did not list them with one exception-because I had the Android version and like it. Also included is one app for Java enabled cell phones, which I had on a Razr phone at one time and loved it. Not as many features, but nice app.

Free Windows/Pocket PC/Java Phone Mobile Bible Software I Use

Click the pictures to go to the website. Olive Tree also has lots of free addons, Bibles, Dictionaries and Commentaries, as well as electronic books that are great classics.

KJV to go for Java enabled Cell Phones
Can have black or white background-Basic reader

Below is the Olive Tree Bible Reader Software. Like Pocket E Sword, it has many free add ons you can download. As with Pocket E Sword, the Strong's Greek & Hebrew are available.


Pocket E Sword
Just like the desktop version is my favorite. It's a little slow loading on my Pocket PC but I love it. I love that you can get the KJV with the Strong's numbers in the text and not in the text, so if I need to look up the definition of a word, I have on the go access to the Hebrew and Greek with 2 sources for each, The Strong's, and the BDB Hebrew Definitions, and Thayer's Greek Definitions are all available for free download here. Thank you, Rick Meyers for making such a wonderful product. It's no longer updated or supported, but still available and there is a large list of smart phones, pocket pc's and pda's this works on on the website.

More Pocket E Sword Downloads @


Accordance Bible Software
For iPad or iPhone

Free Android Bible Software

I finally got an Android Tablet, and Phone, and this is some of the free Android Bible Software Apps I have used so far. My favorite so far is MySword-which is the closest thing I have found to E Sword-my desktop favorite.

Android- When available for a chapter, tap the
JESUS Film icon to see video of Scriptures

For Android-Live Bible
Free access to 50+ bibles, including modern translations

For Android
Logos Mobile Bible App (Many BBL/DCT/CMT DL)

MySword BBL- Android (DL Free Add-ins)
Closest thing to E Sword I've Found ********

Bible Support Modules For MySword

David Cox MySword Modules Site

For Android
Touch Bible (KJV only is Free)

Children's Comic Book Bible For Android

For Android

KJV/NIV BBL For iPhone

KJV BBL For Android

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