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Have you heard of BH Clendennen, and his School of Christ? The lessons in this School are posted on his website, I think this School of Christ written by BH Clendennen should be mandatory reading for every Christian. This man was 87 years old, and walked closely with the Lord for over 50 years. I was privileged to meet him on May 2, 2008 at a Missions Conference in London, KY and again a year later, in 2009, God  ministered mightily to my heart each night. We would be wise to benefit from what the Lord has taught him.  

 The Spirit of God's own Son, sent into our hearts to do each moment a work as Divine as the work of the Son in redeeming us, to displace our life and replace it by the life of Christ in power, to make the Son of God divinely and consciously present with us always--this was what the Father had promised as the distinctive blessing of the New Testament. The fellowship of God as the Three One was now to be within us; the Spirit revealing the Son in us, and through Him the Father.

That there are but few believers who realize this walk with God, this life in God, such as their Father has prepared for them, no one will deny. Nor will it admit of dispute what the cause of this failure is, It is acknowledged on all hands that the Holy Spirit, through whose Divine Omnipotence this inner revelation of the Son and the Father in the life and the likeness of the believer is to take place is not known or acknowledged in the Church as He should be. In our preaching and in our practice He does not hold that place of prominence which He has in God's plan and in His promises. While our creed on the Holy Spirit is orthodox and scriptural, His presence and power in the life of believers, in the ministry of the word, in the witness of the Church to the world, is not what the word promises or God's plan requires.

There are not a few who are conscious of this great need, and earnestly ask to know God's mind concerning it, and the way of deliverance out of it. Some feel that their own life is not what it should and might be. Many of them can look back to some special season of spiritual revival, when their whole life was apparently lifted to a higher level. The experience of the joy and strength of the Saviour's presence, as they learned that He would keep them trusting, was, for a time, most real and blessed. But it did not last: there was a very gradual decline to a lower stage, with much of vain effort and sad failure. They would fain know where the evil lies. There can be little doubt that the answer must be this: they did not know or honour the Indwelling Spirit as the strength of their life, as the power of their faith, to keep them always looking to Jesus and trusting in Him. They knew not what it was, day by day, to wait in lowly reverence for the Holy Spirit to deliver from the power of the flesh, and to maintain the wonderful presence of the Father and the Son within them.

..excerpt from "The Spirit of Christ" by Andrew Murray

This is a free E-Book, on the Baptism and work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the necessity for it. He gives good instruction on how to prepare, how to seek, how to be filled and how important this is. Without the work of the Holy Spirit we cannot be saved, for we will err without HIm. I found this online at and converted it to .pdf. I uploaded this so I will have it should it disappear from the internet. This is so needful in our churches today. You are free to download this small book and I pray God will bless you with it as I trust He will me.

Biography Section
Christian biographies that will not only strengthen your faith, but inspire your heart. These are books I have either already read or am reading. More will be added in the future.

Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret (Microsoft Reader Format-free download)

Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret

J. Hudson Taylor (1832-1905) was an English missionary to China. Founded the China Inland Mission which at his death included 205 mission stations with over 800 missionaries, and 125,000 Chinese Christians. In reading his book, I discovered him to be a very humble, weak man who learned to depend only on God. Very convicting.

The Persecutor

This is the story of a Soviet Policeman who was assigned to a secret police unit to inflict terror and suffering upon Russian Christians and did his job well. But he soon began see reality and the communist lie he had been told his whole life was beginning to be exposed. He'd always been told there was no God. He became disillusioned, and defected to Canada in Sept. 1971. He gave his life to God, and began to tell the world how Russian Christians were being tormented. He was warned in 1972 to keep his mouth shut, but chose instead to honor God and speak the truth. He was shot and killed on Jan 1, 1973. He was only 22. Very, very good book.

Fox's Book of Martyrs

A Voice in the Wilderness-Loran Helm

Loran Helm was a Methodist Indiana pastor. This book is an inspirational book about the story of his ministry. He was born in Parker City, Indiana February 3 1916 and he died 2006. Revival For Our Day, a non-profit organization, was founded to support Rev. and Mrs. Helm in their endeavor to find and do the Will of God, and to share the unsearchable riches and unspeakable joys of the Kingdom of Heaven with those to whome he was led. This book is so convicting and teaches us how we must and can only depend on the full, unconditional leadership of the Holy Spirit in our lives, not ourselves.

The Hiding Place-Corrie Ten Boom

Cornelia "Corrie" ten Boom (April 15, 1892 April 15, 1983) was a Dutch Christian Holocaust survivor who helped many Jews escape the Nazis during World War II. She and her family were betrayed and arrested and placed in Nazi extermination camps. Corrie survived but her father, her sister Betsie did not survive the camps. In 1970, ten Boom co-wrote her autobiography, The Hiding Place, released in 1971 and which was made into a film of the same name two years later. Anything I've ever read by Corrie Ten Boom has been wonderfully inspiring.

The Cost of Discipleship-Deitrich Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (February 4, 1906 April 9, 1945) was a German Lutheran pastor and theologian. He was also a participant in the German Resistance movement against Nazism, a founding member of the Confessing Church. His involvement in plans by members of the Abwehr (the German Military Intelligence Office) to assassinate Adolf Hitler resulted in his arrest in April 1943 and his subsequent execution by hanging in April 1945, shortly before the war's end.

He came to the United States in June 1939 at the invitation of Union Theological Seminary in New York. Amid much inner turmoil, he soon regretted his decision despite strong pressures from his friends to stay in the U.S. He wrote to Reinhold Niebuhr: "I have come to the conclusion that I made a mistake in coming to America. I must live through this difficult period in our national history with the people of Germany. I will have no right to participate in the reconstruction of Christian life in Germany after the war if I do not share the trials of this time with my people... Christians in Germany will have to face the terrible alternative of either willing the defeat of their nation in order that Christian civilization may survive or willing the victory of their nation and thereby destroying civilization. I know which of these alternatives I must choose but I cannot make that choice from security."

In the face of Nazi atrocities, the full scale of which he learned through the Abwehr, Bonhoeffer concluded that "the ultimate question for a responsible man to ask is not how he is to extricate himself heroically from the affair, but how the coming generation shall continue to live." He did not justify his action but accepted that he was taking guilt upon himself as he wrote "when a man takes guilt upon himself in responsibility, he imputes his guilt to himself and no one else. He answers for it...Before other men he is justified by dire necessity; before himself he is acquitted by his conscience, but before God he hopes only for grace."

Recommend any good Christian biographies you have read! Broken links have been fixed, and new books have been added! If you find any broken links, please Email It's About HIM

Free E Book Downloads of Books in Public Domain

Free E Books Download: AB Simpson: pdf, txt, zip

More AB Simpson Books and Articles

Visions Beyond the Veil-H.A. Baker

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My Favorite Free E Book Downloads

The Persecutor

This is the story of a Soviet Policeman who was assigned to a secret police unit to inflict terror and suffering upon Russian Christians and did his job well. Very, very good book. I found this book in some thrift store, I can't remember where. But I found it online, after reading this small paperback at Christian Heritage Ministries. You can click on the link above or scroll down the list of articles until you see "The Persecutor". Click and it opens up in a .pdf file you may save to your computer. Very interesting book.

Walking With God-Steve Bray

The Saving Life Of Christ-Major Ian Thomas

In the Day of Thy Power-Arthur Wallis

True Discipleship William MacDonald

Lord, Break Me! William MacDonald

That Unpopular Word: Discipline, William MacDonald

Born Crucified-LE Maxwell

The Prayer Life-Andrew Murray

The Spirit of Christ-Andrew Murray

What It Means to Be Filled With the Holy Ghost-Smith Wigglesworth

Have We No Tears For Revival? Leonard Ravenhill

Are We Willing to Drink His Cup? Leonard Ravenhill

The Unsatisfied Life and It's Remedy-Hudson Taylor

Overcoming Discouragement-DL Moody

31 Kings, Victory Over Self-AB Simpson

Free E Books to Read Online

Fox's Book of Martyrs

The Secret of Spiritual Power-George D. Watson

The Release of the Spirit-Watchman Nee

The Spiritual Man, Volume 1

The Spiritual Man, Volume 2

The Spiritual Man, Volume 3

The Latent Power of the Soul-Watchman Nee

Ever Increasing Faith-Smith Wigglesworth

With Christ in the School of Prayer-Andrew Murray

The Prayer Life-Andrew Murray

Man, the Dwelling Place of God-AW Tozer

The Pursuit of God-AW Tozer

The Life of Prayer-AB Simpson

The Holiest of All, An Exposition of Hebrews-Andrew Murray

The Secret of the Cross-Andrew Murray

Absolute Surrender-Andrew Murray

The Spirit of Christ-Andrew Murray

More By Andrew Murray

The Deeper Christian Life-Andrew Murray

Waiting on God-Andrew Murray

When the Holy Ghost is Come-Samuel L. Brengle

Hudson Taylor, The Growth of A Soul, Vol 1

Hudson Taylor, the Growth of A Work of God, Vol 2

The Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ-T Austin Sparks

The Cross, the Church and the Conflict-T Austin Sparks

The Cross, the Church and the Kingdom-T Austin Sparks

In Christ-T Austin Sparks

The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus-T Austin Sparks

Men Whose Eyes Have Seen the King-T Austin Sparks

Our Warfare-T Austin Sparks

The School of Christ- T Austin Sparks

That He Might Fill All Things-T Austin Sparks

That They All May Be One, Vol 1-T Austin Sparks

That they All May Be One, Vol 2-T Austin Sparks

Union With Christ-T Austin Sparks

T Austin Sparks Online Library

Two of Me-David Wilkerson

The Secret Power-DL Moody

Prevailing Prayer-DL Moody

The Self Life, and the Christ Life-AB Simpson

Danger Lines in the Deeper Life-AB Simpson

The Holy Spirit, Vol 1 & 2-AB Simpson

Soul Food (A Deeper Death to Self) GD Watson

Few Chosen-BH Clendennen

Jesus is Coming-BH Clendennen

The Christian In Complete Armor-William Gurnall

True Discipleship-William MacDonald

Lord, Break Me! William MacDonald

Hell-DL Moody

Christ, All in All-DL Moody

The Knowledge of the Holy-AW Tozer

Power From On High-Charles Finney

Purchase Online:

A Voice in the Wilderness-Loran Helm

The Hiding Place-Corrie Ten Boom

Hungry for More of Jesus-David Wilkerson

A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23-W. Phillip Keller

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire-Jim Cymbala

The Cost of Discipleship-Deitrich Bonhoeffer

He must increase, but I must decrease.
John 3:30

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