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Mat_18:14 Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven, that one of these little ones should  perish.

Jer 33:3 Call unto Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you know not.

Psa 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shall go: I will guide you with my eye.

You may notice that many messages seem to be by one certain speaker, and begin to think he is my favorite. That is certainly not the reason. And consider this page is a work in progress and it will take time to add the messages that need to be made available to new believers. Each posting is a message God used to help me when I was a younger Christian, and some are more recent, that still help and encourage. I post these because new believers need to know their purpose, their God, and the information that will arm and equip them to be what God wants them to be and do His will. THAT is why these links are posted and the speaker is not the point, the message is. :)

A Word for Those Who Want to Know God-Carter Conlon

You Have To Love Jesus To Follow Him by Carter Conlon

Strictly Young People Messages/Resources Times Square Church Link

Below are some links to messages that the Lord used when I was a new believer to show me who I was meant to be in Christ, and what His purpose for my life was to be. A Christian is to be one who is in this world as He was-a revealer of truth, a revealer by Christ-in Word but even more importantly, in deed. We are to be living illustrations of the Message Christ brought to the World. I have never forgotten these messages though I understand them better now than I did then. God used them to build my faith and lead me in the way He would have me go. I selected these for New Believers because they are power packed with information to arm and strengthen new Christians.

Click the link and it will take you to the message.

When the Enemy Comes in Like a Flood Part 1 by Carter Conlon

When the Enemy Comes in Like a Flood Part 2 by Carter Conlon

11 11 07 Christ's Complete Triumph in the Devil's Wilderness-Teresa Conlon

Wonderful Series on Overcoming preached by Neil Rhodes at Times Square Church

The Holy Spirit Interprets The Cross BH Clendennen

Hallowed Be Thy Names-David Wilkeson

Who is this God that has saved you, and how does He work in the lives of His children? What is He like? This series will wonderfully show you.

The Sin of Going to Church Unprepared-David Wilkerson

The Devil's Nightmare-Carter Conlon

Pastor Conlon begins in Matthew 21:19-22 on faith, and overcoming obstacles that hinder our victory. God wants us to come to him for the Holy Ghost as a people that will not be denied, that will rise up in faith and lay hold on the promises God has made, and appropriate and apply the spiritual authority given to us by Jesus. Pastor Conlon goes on to Mark 9:17-30. The casual seeker of God will never know the power of being able to walk in the spirit as Jesus did and be a vessel God can channel his power through to deliver those oppressed and bound by the enemy. A Message of obtainable victory. Must hear.

The New Covenant Series-David Wilkerson, Times Square Church

The Indwelling Power of the Holy Spirit-David Wilkerson

Handed Over to Death-David Wilkerson

Walking in the Power of the New Covenant

The Cross and The New Covenant

The Delivering Power of the New Covenant-David Wilkerson

Taking Hold of the New Covenant-David Wilkerson

In the media player below are some very good messages preached in 2004 at Times Square Church, by various ministers.

Teresa Conlon's Testimony

Panic in Hell-Teresa Conlon

June 04, 2006 – Panic in Hell – Teresa Conlon
When Jesus died and descended into hell taking captivity captive, He unlocked every prison door. There is a church that will arise in power and strength and those wirth a withered right hand will be healed. This church whose right hand has been restored will know how to do spirtual battle and this will cause all of hell to panic.

Life and Death Struggle Which Will You Choose-Teresa Conlon

This is one of the best messages I've heard on the struggle between the carnal and spiritual natures in a Christian. The one that wins will determine your eternal destiny. And here's a sobering thought: the one you feed the most is the one that will win. The key is in Gal. 5:24

God Has Prepared A Place For You by Teresa Conlon

When Prayer Touches Glory by Carter Conlon

The Power of Gentle Hands by Carter Conlon

God wants his people drawn close to his heart so he can share it with them. He longs to raise us up and carry us to his bosom to reveal his heart to us. Sometimes people are so used to a heavy, hurtful hand, they have a difficult time trusting God. We have to know the power of his gentleness. David said God's gentleness made him great. It is the gentle touch of God that makes us, strengthens us and lifts up our head. Do you experience his grace but respond to others with abusive words? God wants to deliver the hurting and the hurtful.

The Devil is After One Thing in Your Trial by Carter Conlon

MUST HEAR MESSAGE! If you are young in the Lord or not, and going through hard trials and problems that seem to have come out of nowhere, through no fault of your own, then you need to hear this. He will help you understand what is going on and show you in the Word how this same thing came at Jesus. 

Set free from shame by Carter Conlon

Have a pen and pad handy to take down the other scriptures Pastor Conlon goes through during this liberating message. He takes you through the Word of God and helps you see how when you came to Jesus, all your sins are forgiven, and you don't have to take it when the devil tries to remind you of your sins. You don't have to bear the shame of your sin, for Jesus bore it all at Calvary. Many in the Body of Christ are weighted down, heavy with the shame of feeling unworthy. Wonderful spiritual medicine. 

The Violent Overthrow of God's House by Carter Conlon

You have never heard the tabernacle of the Lord explained as you will here. From Matthew 21 where Jesus overthrew the tables and ran the moneychangers out of the temple, to 2nd Chronicles 6 and 7 when Solomon built the temple and dedicated it, the purpose of the temple is explained in depth. This is a real eye-opener on prayer. Just as the religious Pharisees were ineffective and uncaring for the lost, with no real compassion, today many Christians are caught up in worldly things, while their family and friends are lost, too busy to pray as they should. Jesus said his house should be a house of prayer and we are the temple of God. Are we houses of prayer? Do we pray as we should?

If God Can Keep Me From Trouble, Why Doesn't He? Carter Conlon

The Power to Do Good Is In Your Hand by Carter Conlon

 March 22, 2009 - This message is for those who are struggling with something that is threatening to captivate you and for those whom Satan is desiring to lock in a prison of fear. The question we ask is, "Do you trust in the midst of the storm?" We must be gripped with the knowledge that God is in TOTAL CONTROL of everything that is going on around us. In times of calamity it is our human tendency to focus on ourselves and withdraw our hand from the needy around us. As children of God we are admonished not to withdraw our hands in self preservation, but rather to stretch out our hand to the poor and needy. There is power in our hand to do good because Christ's hands stretch forth through us to offer comfort and consolation to those who don't know Him!

Placing Your Enemies in the Hands of God by Carter Conlon

Ministers of Lasciviousness by Carter Conlon

Snares, Traps, Scourges and Thorns by Carter Conlon

If you have been walking with God and experienced the deliverance of God, and he has driven out strongholds, and you love God, what power of the enemy can stand before you? Israel was warned to take heed and love God, and not to go back to the gods of the nations. The enemy has laid traps and snares before God's people to trip them up, and walking close to God is the only way to recognize and avoid them. 

Help! I'm Stuck! By Carter Conlon

 May 4, 2008 - When we violate the laws of God sin will become a weight so heavy that we will find ourselves stuck on the ground. There is something in the heart of God that yearns for you. God will begin to stretch forth His hand and lift us out of impossible places. He doesn't sit in Heaven with His arms crossed despising your struggle. He deeply desires you to allow Him to take you by the hand and lift you into His awesome love and power.

Footsteps in the Hallway (MUST HEAR) Carter Conlon

April 29, 2007 - When we live outside of the boundaries of God’s Word we will end up with a life of fruitless religion, and a manmade covering. The true life of Christ will be shut off to every man or woman who comes through Christ through human effort and human intellect. What we could never accomplish in a lifetime, God did in one day by sending His son to be a covering for all of our sins and to empower us to glorify His name through the Holy Spirit. At the end of your life you want to be sure that it is God’s footsteps coming to take you home with Him.

Have You Seen Your Calling Yet? Carter Conlon

Bringing the Power of God into Prayer-Carter Conlon

Calling Down Fire by Carter Conlon

A message on anger among God's people and how damaging it can be, and how it never works the righteousness of God. It is unlike Christ and is destructive.

Blood Upon Dry Ground

Killing Lazarus by Carter Conlon

May 22,2005 - The message from Lazarus is this “Jesus gave me LIFE”. The moment the life of Christ is seen upon you and in you- you will find yourself in a trial of suffering of the mockings and anger of the rage of the unsaved attacking the Christ in you. When this happens trust God for the strength and grace to bring you through. The bible says we should rejoice 

Covering the Face of Jesus-Carter Conlon

Believing The Whispers of God-Carter Conlon

Chopping Wood For Father by Carter Conlon

Pastor Conlon delivers an extremely personal mesage, where he speaks about his attempts as a teen to gain the favour and love of his own father. He goes on to show how this is in the mentality of many christains that think they can work the're way into the Lord's favour, without realising that we should love God because He first loved us and that we do not need to earn His love and favour because it is already ours in Christ out Lord. One of the best messages I've heard in a long time, it brought me very close to tears, Praise be to God!!!

Cherishing the Treasure of Christ-Carter Conlon

Almost Persuaded-Carter Conlon

Bringing Your House to Spiritual Victory-Carter Conlon

Overcoming the Voices of Fear by Carter Conlon

A Gospel of Slaughter by Carter Conlon

Dangerous Shepherds-Carter Conlon

This message is best described as how to identify dangerous, self-seeking shepherds, as the Bible describes in the scriptures. Where is the recognition of the seriousness and soberness of the high calling of being a shepherd to the sheep of God? Too many take it lightly and the sheep are scattered and wounded as a result, and often destroyed. 

The Triumphant Christ-David Wilkerson

Have you embraced a complete revelation of the completed work of Jesus Christ? Understanding the we are safe, secure and forgiven because of the Blood of Jesus is not enough. We must see the risen, glorified Man in Heaven who finished the work and defeated every giant. Until we go beyond the cross and embrace the resurrection power of Jesus, and the glorious Triumph of Christ, we will never experience the joyous victory that is available to us in Christ.

The Things Which Must Be Here After-Carter Conlon

July 09, 2006 – The Things Which Must be Hereafter – Carter Conlon
When Heaven is revealed to us we will begin to notice the tradgedy that awaits the unsaved and a cry comes into our hearts for every lost soul. Jesus Christ will write a testimony is us that will cause men to be turned from Hell to Heaven. God will allow trials and seasons of loneliness to produce a depth of Christ in us. We must see the things that must be. We must see Jesus as the absolute victor over every enemy that comes against us. We must see Him as Faithful and True. He is King of King and Lord of Lords.

The Battle Belongs to the Lord-Teresa Conlon

April 8, 2007 - Can we believe God to take us into a place of faith where we can know Him and believe that every promise He makes to us He will bring to pass? God is calling us to possess the land. In this land we will live victorious in conflict and overcome every enemy power. God gives us strength and courage to overcome discouragement. We are promised that every where we place our foot will become our territory. The battle is not ours it belongs to the Lord.

Is Darkness celebrating above your head? Carter Conlon

August 28, 2005 - Is Darkness Celebrating Above Your Head - Carter Conlon
Will we finish our life victoriously or will we end up powerless and ordinary? In order to finish our lives in victory we have to be doing the work of God. The enemy is after the strength of God in us. The devil knows the potential of one person that rises up and cries out to the Holy Spirit to destroy the works of darkness in our lives. The Spirit of God will come upon us and expand us, we will not be defeated with repeated failure. God promises us absolute deliverance

A Heap Of Frogs And A Stinking Land-Carter Conlon

November 7, 2004 - A Heap of Frogs and the Stinking Land - Carter Conlon
We are living in a generation when peoples itching ears are causing them to heap to themselves teachers and these teachers really don’t know God. They cant lead the people into the righteousness of Christ and they don’t know the truth of God’s word. All they have is fables – words with no power , and their teaching causes the land to stink.

They that Know Their God-Noline Rhodes

July 04, 2006 – They That Know Their God Shall be Strong – Noline Rhodes
God waits for us to acknowlege that we are powerless to defeat our enemy in our own strength. God waits for us to acknowlege that we are sinners and there is nothing in and of ourseleves to take away our sins. God is waiting for us to acknowlege that our flesh is His enemy. Until we understand fully that in our flesh we can never please Him. God waits for us to hate our flesh and humbly submit to God and He will make our ememies His foot stool.

Ever Present Help in Trouble-David Wilkerson

April 25, 2004 - God Is An Ever Present Help in a Time of Trouble - D. Wilkerson
God is a very present help in a time of trouble – That means He’s here and available anytime night or day He is at our right hand willing to speak to us and guide us. If we really believed this scripture with all of our heart we would not be down in the pits of despair, there would be no doubt or unbelief. This is one simple promise that could keep us for the rest of our lives.

Unmasking the Repeated Lie of the Devil-Teresa Conlon

Completing the Ministry God Has Given You-Carter Conlon

December 26, 2004 - Completing the Ministry God Has Given You - Carter Conlon
Our strength comes from the separation for the purposes of God. If we remain separate to the purposes of God we will complete our ministry that God has called us to and make it till the end.
Many people in the church today are led astray and are rendered powerless because of compromise and their inability to be separated for the purposes of God.

Beware of the Wisdom of Men-Carter Conlon

Not Every Trial is A Test-David Wilkerson

July 10, 2005 - Not Every Trial is a Test - David Wilkerson 
This message are for those who are on the brink of despair. What you are going through is not a testing of your faith but a training. God allows these afflictions to wean us out of Egypt and to produce a cry in our heart for total deliverance. Through these afflictions God will take the mentality of the world out of you and produce a longing in your heart that will result in an eternal perspective.

Discerning the Fellowship of Jesus Christ

Returning to God in Enemy Territory-Carter Conlon

January 25, 2004 - Returning to God in Enemy Territory - Carter Conlon
When we find ourselves captive in enemy territory and come to Christ with an honest heart and sincere hatred for our sin- we can cry out to God and He will set us free. We must have the heart attitude that says I hate sin and hate what sin does to the name of Christ .

A Cry Without A Voice-David Wilkerson

The Pigs in the Parking Lot-Carter Conlon

 Prepare to be convicted if you are holding back on God. Luke 8:27-40. Jesus is met by a possessed man in the Gadarene tombs, who has many devils, and they with fear and trembling (James 2:19) beg Jesus to let them go into a nearby herd of pigs, rather than banish them to the pit, and he allows them to go. When the man is found by the neighboring citizens, clothed and sitting at the feet of Jesus in his right mind, instead of rejoicing at his deliverance, they reject Jesus, and ask him to leave for they are unwilling to follow him if it means losing their pigs. Many are unwilling to trust their life to Jesus, and are holding back part of themselves, unwilling to surrender, having counted the cost and the price too high. If you are happy with average, this message isn't for you. If you are determined to follow Jesus, wholly, listen with an open heart. 

The Open Hand of God-Carter Conlon

Foot Washing-David Wilkerson

War in Heaven-David Wilkerson

The Boundary Around God's Mountain-Carter Conlon

The Life Was the Light-David Wilkerson

Building Up My Brother's House-Carter Conlon

Must hear message on how the enemy  will use hurt feelings, misunderstandings to cause division in the body of Christ. Be careful how you think and speak about others in the church. MUST HEAR.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit-David Wilkerson

Who are the Meek and What Do they Inherit-Carter Conlon

When the Holy Spirit Departs-David Wilkerson

The Unrelenting Love Of God-David Wilkerson

The Inward Shout of Faith by Carter Conlon

Trusting God with All Your Tomorrows-David Wilkerson

The Incredible Strength of Knowing God's Joy-Carter Conlon

Caesar or God by Carter Conlon

He Lives In Me (Testimony of Carter Conlon)

The Still Small Voice Of God by Carter Conlon

Call No Man Common or Unclean-David Wilkerson

The Secret of Spiritual Power by Carter Conlon

August 9, 2009 - The concept of being a servant that is not highly esteemed today as we live in an age where our theology in the church at large seems to have focused on personal gain, social gain, power, influence, authority and individual greatness. The Bible says that Jesus took upon Himself the form of a servant and in doing this He teaches us that heavens order is completely reversed from the world's order. The Word of God is performed in those whom have a servant's heart. Serving Christ and then serving others unlocks power and revelation. You may feel trampled, pounded, unappreciated and passed by but as a servant you have found the secret of spiritual strength! Take heed; the last will be first and the first will be last!

A Message For America-Carter Conlon

September 6, 2009 - America has made a tragic mistake by allowing the worship of Baalism into the House of The Lord. The god of prosperity has become the god of this age. How this must break the heart of God! The Lord doesn’t judge with any delight in His heart but He looks down on what was supposed to be His heritage and says I can't let this go on any longer! He absolutely will not let His people pursue a path that will lead to hell. God is calling His church to return to Him and allow Him to take away all the iniquity in us that would keep His life from flowing through His Body. When we get right with God the storms will come but His church will stand with His Glory upon us. The testimony of the true church of Christ will not be shaken!

When an Angel Leads The Church-Carter Conlon

With God All Things Are Possible-David Wilkerson

The Great Responsibility of Those Forgiven-David Wilkerson

I Know What Your Calling Is-Carter Conlon

November 13, 2011 – There is a special season in history when God begins to call His church to stand in the gap between the living and the dead. He calls us to stand between the sinfulness of society and the life of a merciful savior. God is looking for you to get into the prayer closet with His promises and touch His heart. The Lord looks for those who would entreat Him like a son or daughter and convince Him to show mercy before judgment.

The Image of God-Carter Conlon

October 21, 2007 - When the church of Jesus Christ begins to portray a wrong image of God, it opens the door for uncalled and unfaithful men to take positions as spiritual leaders. The end result of standing before the wrong image of God will lead the people into a theological perspective that is based on human optimism as opposed to sacrifice and truth. The true image of God represents Jesus Christ, the Cross , His sacrifice and all that is Holy. If we are going to know the true image of God, we will be led to a place where we are undone, where everything that we thought we were has to die. We must take joyfully the spoils of all of our religious goods and come before this image of the TRUE and Holy God. It is only in the presence of Jesus Christ that we are turned from image to image by the Glory of God.

We Still Have Time To Make A Difference-Carter Conlon

May 27, 2012 - You and I must rise up for the Glory of God. God put something in your hand when He saved you. You have to get up and use it for His Glory. God can do so much more in your life if you choose to live it in a manner that pleases Him. Choose to bring God into the battle one more time!

Beware of the Angry Watchmen-Carter Conlon

October 28, 2007 - There is a false revival on the rise. It is the rise of the angry watchman who will cast stones at those who have gone astray from the Lord. This false revival consists of ministers who have led people away from the truth through legalism and a misguided prosperity gospel. They will forbid and command prodigals not to come into the presence of God until you work your way back into His favor through human effort and religion. We must not remove the veil from the bride of Christ. We have a righteousness that can not be taken away from us because Jesus is our veil.

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